Mandala Art

As a progression from the traditional pointillism, mandala art presents a modern form of the universe through its continuous repeated symmetrical patterns. When I paint my dot mandala designs, it gives me the time to let my subconscious creative energy present itself as I rarely paint a mandala with a complete design in mind. I enjoy to select a colour palette and begin painting with only a foundation design in mind and see where my designs take me.


Pet Portraits

Creating portraits of your adorable furry friends allows me to personalise my work to you in the greatest way. Using pencil I bring your favourite pet photographs to life in a piece of art, alongside allowing me to further my skills in still life and use of colour.

Fluid Pouring

Using this contemporary technique, I explore the reactions between acrylic paint and added chemicals. The process of making is deemed of greater importance than the outcome, witnessing the unpredictability of fluid pouring through the observations of cell formations and colour placement, attempting to define between aesthetic and chance.



Putting my own twist on the traditional art form of still life painting, I create bold, colour pop female figures. I paint these directly from still life images rather than editing an image into colour block as I like to test my ability and develop my colour adapting skills. The female form is empowering to paint as life can be hard as a woman living in a male dominated hierarchal society. I hope that through unapologetically portraying the beauty of the female figure, women are empowered and show you as a woman are beautiful no matter what shape or size.